Hi-Tech Ambulance

The life-saving equipments and services inside the air ambulance:

air-ambulance nepal mechanical vantilator

Intra-arterial BP monitoring System

for measuring blood pressure (systolic, diastolic, mean and pulse pressure) and arterial blood sampling


for moving newborns and infants

Air-Ambulance-Nepal - IABP


Intra Arterial Balloon Pump to stabilize a patient with low heart function

air-ambulance nepal mechanical vantilator

Mechanical Ventilator

To support breathing & lungs function

Air-Ambulance-Nepal - multipara-and- Defibrillator

Multi-para Monitor & Defibrillator

For Continuous Monitoring & In Emergency Revives a Patient with Irregular Heartbeat

Air-Ambulance-Nepal - Emergency Medicines Kit

Emergency Medicines Kit

Blood Bank

for in-flight transfusions

Medical Oxygen

Therapy For Emergency Oxygen Supplementation in resuscitation and patients with major trauma, hemorrhage, convulsions and hypothermia

Air-Ambulance-Nepal-Scoop, Spine board, Head Immobilizer, Splints, Vaccum Mattresses

Scoop, Spine board, Head Immobilizer, Splints, Vaccum Mattresses

for transferring Orthopedics & Spinal Trauma Patients

Air-Ambulance-Nepal - Thermostat


emergency medicines

Air-Ambulance-Nepal -Drug Infusion & Syringe Pumps

Drug Infusion & Syringe Pumps

To introduce fluids, medicine or nutrients directly into the patient's bloodstream

Air-Ambulance-Nepal -ECG monitor - 12

ECG monitor - 12

Lead ECG to measure the heart's electrical activity and assess damage

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